Chiropractic Testimonial

I always move better after my chiropractic adjustments. Being a student for what seemed like forever, my neck and upper back were constantly tight and/or painful. Dr. Rad helps my body move freely and reduces the muscle tension with adjustments, NMR therapy and her great healing touch. Its amazing how such a subtle shift produces profound results. Amazing healing! Dr. Tory Jackson, N.D. (cand.)

Dr. Radermacher has been my chiropractor for approximately 9 years and her caring, professional approach complements her obvious skill and diagnostic abilities. Although I moved away from the Invermere area 5 years ago, I still make the half day drive regularly to benefit from her exceptional treatments. I simply have not found another chiropractor that I trust as much......Lynn Barry

Massage Therapy

The best therapeutic massage…I've never been to anyone better. Gary understands the anatomy and the mechanics, then, with every appointment, works with muscles, fascia and body movement to create my personalized therapy. He always checks in to monitor the pressure, but balances it with what's required for optimal results. A happy body…Good times! Dr. Tory Jackson, N.D. (cand.)

Gary Boyd's therapeutic massage is a regular "must have" for one's bodily aches and pains. He skillfully restores well-being to tense and painful muscles related to both my chronic and acute conditions. Gary's expertise in myofascial release has made such a difference in my soft tissue pain......Lynn Barry